Printable scores agreement

Agreement for purchasing printable scores by e-mail

This agreement is part of the order placed with Ediciones GCC by the client.
Items included in the purchase order are those detailed in the invoice referred above and covers the e-purchase of the above scores (hereinafter referred to as “the scores”):


Ediciones GCC will send one PDF file per purchased score to the e-mail address declared by the Client. Scores in PDF files can be printed out.


The Client is authorized to print each score only the number of copies stated in the Purchase Order and agreed upon between Ediciones GCC and the Client.
Ediciones GCC authorizes the client to print the number of copies agreed upon in the following ways:
1. Print the number of copies agreed upon from the file received in his/ her computer through a printer connected to such computer, or
2. Print one copy from each file received in his/ her computer and do the remaining copies through external reproduction systems. Ediciones GCC authorizes to use any photocopy system, as long as this is done in compliance with the terms stated in this document.

Restrictions and Obligations of the Client

The Client is not authorized to print out, photocopy, distribute, sell –partially or completely- the whole file or parts of it, except for the number of print copies authorized by this agreement. The Client agrees to print out the whole file without changes, fully respecting the quantity of pages (listed above) and layout of each score; reproduced scores must have good print quality level. After successfully printing the authorized copies, the Client agrees to delete the PDF files received. The Customer agrees to fully respect the scores copyright.


Ediciones GCC guarantees the Client that the Files to be sent comply with the terms of the Order placed and specified in this agreement. If the Files sent do not comply with the terms of the Order and this agreement, Ediciones GCC agrees to implement, after being agreed with the Client, some of the following solutions:
• advise the Client about technical features needed to obtain the agreed upon printing,
• Or replace the files, if necessary,
• Or offer other ways of sending purchased scores,
• Or return the amount paid for such purchase.


In case of complaints, you can write to:
Ediciones GCC – Fundación Kultrum /  Buenos Aires – Argentina
Tel (54 911) 6164-8829 – /

Applicable law and jurisdiction

This agreement is governed, interpreted, and applied according to the laws in force in the Republic of Argentina.
Any lawsuit involving the validity, interpretation and performance of this agreement falls into the jurisdiction of the
ordinary courts of the city of Buenos Aires.